Should further treatment be required, the clinic has an in-patients ward located on the first floor, which consists of four luxury single rooms and three spacious double rooms. All rooms have free wi-fi, flat screen TV and 24 hour neonatal viewing, via camera monitor, of the nursery room so that patients have visual contact with their newborn at all times. Photos and usbs showing the first few days of the newborns life are given to the parents upon departure from the clinic.

We operate in two fully equipped surgery theaters.
In the large theater, a full range of open surgeries and caesarian sections, as well as minimal access procedures (both hysteroscopical and laparoscopical) can be carried out.
In the smaller theater all the small procedures are carried out as well as the septic ones.

The clinic has one fully operational labour ward, equipped with all the necessary appliances, including CTG monitors, drop counters and a neonatal resuscitating unit for the delivery of the newborn baby. The labour ward has easy access to the main theatre room, which is always well set up and prepared in case of need of an emergency caesarian section.

The clinic’s theatre rooms utilize the latest technology in operating tables, anaesthesia machinery and monitoring, and have specially trained nurses and technicians whose daily responsibilities involve the thorough inspection of all instruments and equipment, as well as the washing and sterilization of these, via the use of modern electronically controlled steam autoclaves.

The European Medical Clinic provides comprehensive gynaecological evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for patients who may need surgery as well as for general gynaecological care and annual testing. Our highly trained staff is able to provide you with skilled and compassionate care in a setting which is ideal for comfort and unparalleled privacy.