Maternity and classes

Maternity and classes

The care we provide to every pregnant woman in our clinic is unique.
Our motto is “Healthy mother, healthy baby”.

Your baby is as precious to us as it is to you. We believe in natural childbirth and strive with
the least interference to obtain the best outcome. Our clinic offers solutions for labour pains which range from epidurals to pain relieving injections, and of course our expert midwives assist with breathing and relaxation exercises.

We offer classes in 3 lessons to educate parents to be in the natural childbirth process and to explain how they can actively participate in the various stages of childbirth and in the delivery room.We offer practical demonstrations of the process of delivery using life sized models to enable parents to be able to understand the process of normal vaginal delivery.

We offer lessons in breathing and exercises to relieve the pain of contractions and facilitate the childbirth process and finally we offer specialized massages for pregnant women to help alleviate stress and swollen legs, to prevent muscle cramps and vascular clots of the lower limbs, and to improve circulation and overall well being.

We feel that we have completed our duties towards all our maternity patients the day that we discharge the healthy mother with a baby in her arms from our clinic.