Gyneacological Surgery

Gyneacological Surgery

The doctors at the European Medical Clinic have a vast experience in all gynaecological surgery. All gynecological surgeries are carried out by our well experienced and highly qualified surgeons and nurses, in our up-to-date, advanced technology theatres, set up to accommodate any type of surgery.

At the European Medical Clinic we offer the following:

  • All types of open abdominal and vaginal surgery
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy for the investigation of infertility or pelvic pain:

    - All laparoscopical operations with minimally invasive surgery for example removal of endometriosis, chocolate cysts, ovarian cysts, myomas,ectopic pregnancies, ventral suspension for prolapsed uterus.

    - All hysteroscopical operations–removal of endometrial polyps, submucosa myomas, uterine septum.intra uterine adhesions for fertility optimization

    - Treatment for heavy meno-metrorrhagias with endometrial ablation and removal of the endometrium by hysteroscopical resectoscope in order to save the uterus.